Nothing Happens Until Something Moves –

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Dearly Debloggers,

“Nothing happens until something moves…” – that’s the great quote I ran into today – and who said it? Albert Einstein.

Nothing happens until something moves…what does that really mean? And, what does that look like in the story you are writing or revising? Is your character moving forward? Is he or she moving from the scene you’ve had them in for the past couple of chapters? Is he or she moving emotionally and physically through the story?

When you are stuck in your story, the best way to unstuck yourself (and your character), is to create a drastic change – and what does that look like? He/She leaves town, someone dies, decides to chop hair off, does an irreperable prank on his/her best friend, gets mixed up with the wrong crowd one fateful night, etc, etc, etc….

And now for the more important question “Nothing happens until something moves…” – how does that apply in your personal life? In your career as a writer?

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