Resolutions..Smolutions…Drop the Rock Baby!

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Dearly Debloggers,

Welcome to 2011!

I used to be a big resolutions kind of gal, and it never really quiet worked out for me…until I changed my views on what resolutions really were…they were actually big rocks we were carrying around and wanted to desperately drop – and we had the hope of a new year – we drafted a resolution to fix it.

If there is something in your life that is weighing you down..

                                                              d r o p t h e r o c k

Rocks can come in all kind of different disguises – relationships, stupid addictions (like to soda, sugar or cigarettes), eating too much or constantly watching your weight, or obsessing over that person you like, or the one that bugs you (and hence ignoring the beautiful human being you are and should be really nurturing), or saying you are going to work out and not working out which is actually harder because of all the mental stress about knowing you should be working out but you are not going to work out (phew! you know that’s exactly what it sounds like in your head!). Or anger, stress, talking negative, saying “I can’t do it,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow,” gossip, being a pack rat, worrying too much (or simply just worrying, doesn’t everything really always work out for the best anyways? (Now that’s a cliche worth saying on a daily basis).

What rocks are you planning to drop this year?

Here’s me and my friend Nati on New Years. A big thanks to my sister for hosting ALL the holiday parties in 2010 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…) Well…she does it every year (love you Chini).

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