Sevenn’s quick TGIF update!

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My internet is finally back…by plugging Ethernet cable into my laptop! Blah! I need a better router for my wireless connection.  But at least, I am on-line!

Today: I go back to work on Monday…which means today I have lots of teacher planning ahead of me to complete!

And now a quick update on what is happening in my writing world:
THE INNOCENTS: I am waiting for my virtual group to give me their feedback, and I promise promise promise this will be the last revision I make on the novel! And yeap…it’s being entered in the Random House YA contest.
My new project: My friend and I have decided to start a pact where we write 1200 words a day for 51 days starting in Sept on our new projects! That will give us a finished draft by the end of October!Yippe! If you want to join our daily writing pact email me at sevennnblue(at)gmail(dotcom) and you can join our writing challenge!

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