So here’s what happened

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Dearly DeBloggers,

OMG it’s freaking 2012 and my first post this year, but hold on! There’s a reason why! I had this idea that I could just swap into WordPress willy nilly, like nooooo problem, and urg, it’s been a little tougher than I anticipated, only because I want a certain look, the dashboard is not cooperating, etc etc etc.

So what’s going on in the writing world?

The Innocents is almost ready to get published, the artist, who by the way is doing a fantastic job – and I will be publishing more about her at a later date- is almost done with the book cover.

Then – it will be submitted for publishing! Soon!

My goals for 2012 –
– publish THE INNOCENTS – status green
– work on TPAT first draft (OMG I can’t hardly wait!) – status yellow

XOXO to all my Dearly DeBloggers! 2012! Woot Woot (OMG, Woot Woot is SO going on the list!)

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