Sophie Dominique Stuck @ London Police!

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Dearly Debloggers,

I’d been a while since I received one of “those” emails….ahhh….I never get tired of receiving these! They are pure comedy! And it makes me want to write a novel about a teenage con- artist who travels the world using technique below (and the characters she meets along the way…) Dammit! That’s actually good! I’ll make that one a comedy….

This one came from Sophie Dominique (seriously, could that be ANY cuter? Who wouldn’t want to help her!)


Dear Seven,

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes,my family and I came down here to London, United Kingdom for a short vacation.unfortunately,we were mugged at the park of the hotel where we stayed,all cash and credit card were stolen off us but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.

We’ve been to the Embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all and our flight leaves in few hours from now but we’re having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won’t let us leave until we settle the bills. Well I really need your financially assistance..Please, let me know if you can help us out?

Am freaked out at the moment!!


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