Steve Jobs

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Dearly DeBloggers,

It is kind of freaky that I wrote a post about loving my iPhone only 5 days prior to Jobs’ death. Needless to say, Steve Jobs was a genius, a demi-god, taken from us way to soon. He has changed the lives of millions of people in so many different layers of complexity, that one could ponder for days on what the future human condition will be like, based on Jobs’ contributions.

In more iPhone news…I keep reading all my books with my Kindle app. I love it.  Just recently, I saw a man carrying a real book, and it took me aback the unexpected feeling it arose in me. It was like seeing an 8-track, or one of those mini-recorders students used to carry around…an Atari…white-out (yeah, white-out…it’s on its way out….now that you think about it….ahhhhh).

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