The Marriage of Equals Phenomena

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Dearly DeBloggers, 

Perhaps you are wondering what the heck I mean by “The Marriage of Equals Phenomena” and no, this is not a post about equality in marriage, or how my current “friend” sometimes says sexist things that really need to be kept in check (Sweet Jesus, it’s 2012!! Women have been liberated for…well…a little over a hundred years…(some would argue that). Oh no…this is taking a strange turn. Okay let’s make a left here and take us back to where this post was intended to go.

The Marriage of Equals. 

Once upon a time – the writers of “Will and Grace” had an episode where Karen and Will are both reading a book called The Marriage of Equals, and Jack (2001! or Just Jack!) becomes jealous of their camaraderie.

Well. Many of you have watched reruns of that episode and quickly Googled the book hoping to buy it yourself and join Will and Karen’s club.

Bad news Dearly Debloggers. Said book isn’t in existence! And the only thing you will find in the internet about The Marriage of Equals… is this post.

This is my second post on The Marriage of Equals – if you have arrived here after watching Will and Grace, leave your virtual footprint by leaving a comment.




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