The Quiet Week

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Dearly Debloggers –

I can’t lie to you! I have been busy – too busy – and I will prove it in this blog –

Where the hell is Seven? Well – this weekend is my cousin’s wedding, and my writing time has been taken up by last minute dress alterations, finding a sitter for my boy, dinner rehearsals, hair preparations, and so on and so forth.

I have also been taking a small break from reading YA for the last three weeks – hence the missing “book reviews,” and reading some adult non fiction, plus diving into a colleague’s finished script.

On the1200 words a day, I am a bit behind, will probably end at around 55K vs. 60K but hey, that is still quiet the accomplishment for a first draft in 60 days! No?

Oh, and now the proof! Here’s me in my bridesmaid’s dress!

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