The R u ok? Revolution

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Dearly Debloggers,

Phrases like “the good old days” or “remember when” or “those were the days” bring most of us nostalgia and a longing for the past. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just a romantic…but I doubt it 🙂

As a result, I’ve become super vigilante on things that sometime, in the near future, will become a “remember when.”

One of those things is R u ok?

When I see R u ok? flash on the screen of my iPhone, something tugs at my heart.

R u ok? It’s like a virtual kiss, or a virtual hug, it’s somebody somewhere reaching out telling you they care, and with a simple flash of the R u ok? no matter how far away they are, they suddenly feel like they are right by you.

Next time you send out an R u ok? or are the lucky recepient of one, don’t take it for granted – it’s a sign of the times…you are living history….it’s something special!

What other im/text/email talk will you miss in the future? I’d love to hear from my Dearly Debloggers!

And speaking of nostalgia… here’s a code word for some of you….Max Headroom. O-M-G!

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