Things My Sister Says

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My sister is a very successful, very enigmatic positive person. She lives her life like many of us wish we could. She has unwavering faith in the Universe, always has a smile on her face, and spreads love around with a gigantic spatula. She has a big magnet inside her that draws people to her and makes them want to stay. My sister is that person that if you are blue, she will turn that frown upside down by merely being in her presence. Sometimes it’s her formidable spirit that injects anyone with a doze of the happies, and other times its her way of unintentionally pronouncing words that will do it. Either way, I adore her. And here is my tribute (she will kill me if she sees this! Hoping for the best!) to her.

Here are some things my sister says:

If describing the evening: “The night was peach black.”

Making plans for the weekend: “If the weather is good we should go to the bitch.”

Talking about work: “We are getting ready to lunch a new program.”

Addressing he son: “Where is your boogbag?”

About shoes: “I like sneakers (pronounced like the chocolate bar).”

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