Times are a’changing, and nanowrimo progress!

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Dearly DeBloggers,

If you think its an hour later than it actually is…then you have officially missed the fallback train.

But seriously, who in today’s day in age would actually miss the change of time? With all our satellite adjusted gadgets, we no longer have an excuse to get to school late, work, or to a first date with the ol’ “oh my, I forgot to change the clock!”

However, there are some things that didn’t know the time had changed. Take my four year old (okay, he will be four on the 9th – and btw, everyday for the last three months he has been asking if its his b-day – very cute!). Like “clockwork” he was up at seven this morning (which was actually six). Oh the joys of motherhood!

In other news, my nanowrimo challenge continues! Averaging 2000 words per day, I have not skipped a beat since the kick off of Nov1st. Do I dare look back and revise? Already? I have to be honest…there are a cast of characters in my novel (about 12), and I am really dying to go back and see who is interacting with who because I am sure I’ve started to lose track by this time…although I keep notes in my trustie loose leaf paper non-notebook, I know I am missing stuff.

Can I hear from other nanowrimos?

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