Tom Petty: Rockstar Legend, Poet & Philosopher – West Palm Beach, Fl Sept 20th

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Dearly DeBloggers, If you know anything about me you know I love Indie Rock –  a’la Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun, Classix, etc…but when a Rock Legend like Petty comes to town – I can’t look the other way.

The stadium was completely packed to the hilt; and the whole night, it was just hit, after hit, after hit. Like listening to his “Greatest Hits” Album!

I wont go into details and tell you how I feel about his lyrics – but I will grace and say how purely poetic/and truthful they are. How they address the human condition in a way only divine inspiration can. This…this is why I love Tom Petty….

“And for one desperate moment there…he crept back to her memory…God its so painful when something that’s so close… is still so far out of reach.” American Girl



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