Wait for it…and Crackberry

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Dearly Debloggers,

It’s Friday free for all, and I am going to take license.

In the never ending quest to maintain status coolness…it’s time we visit ‘The List.”

As many of you know (or have heard), there are some things that once I put on “The List” really should not be mentioned anymore in any conversation…ever again.

Okay, here are my two new ones.

Crackberry: If I ever hear anyone again use the term “crackberry” I will surely slap the “crackberry” out of their hand. “Crackberry” has got to stop!

It was funny for like 7 minutes. It’s outdated. It’s not cute.Please stop.

Wait for it: I’m gonna miss this one. But let’s face it…”Wait for it” has jumped the shark. If you are caught saying “wait for it” you may as well be saying “look at how cool and hip I am for saying ‘wait for it’ “

I’m sorry. I know. I’m guilty. I’ve loved “wait for it” – but we waited, it came, it died. it’s stinking, and its got to stop. Please stop.

So debloggers – go out and have fun this weekend, but if you hear anyone crossing the coolness line, don’t ‘wait for it’ slap the crackberry right out of their hands.

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