Wait…I have to blog about Madonna!

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Dearly DeBloggers,

Giants? Patriots? Game? Wings? Wait! Who cares! Madonna was amazing! Not only did she look incredibly beautiful (and can still pull off “super cute” at…what is it? 52? which btw it’s the new 30) – but her back to backer of her hits made many of us tear up.

Madonna is not just the quintessential entertainer of the twentieth/first century, but she also represents (at the risk of sounding corny – and I can’t think of it any other way to put it) what being true to yourself, and hedging your bets on your dreams can help you achieve.

Like a Virgin?
Papa Don’t Preach?
Her affair with Ingrid?
The Sex Book?
Like a Prayer?

Who would’ve thunk it! She was telling the world how she saw it and we were all nodding in unison.

When my four year old asked me who the pretty lady was…I told him it was Lady Gaga’s mom.

Here’s my favorite part of her show – a horsey ride on Redfoo, can she be any cuter?

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