What am I listening to…

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Dearly DeBloggers,

I have begun my new project (The Poison Apple Tree aka TPAT)  STARR is taking a backseat for know, since TPAT has just full throttled ahead.

(btw, THE INNOCENTS – is scheduled to be published on Kindle early 2012)

At any rate…as with many Hermes gifts of inspiration , they sometimes come along with a sound track – and here’s what I’m listening to on loop these days while working on TPAT.

Read my Mind – The Killers
When we were young – The Killers (“…he doesn’t look a lot like Jesus…but he…talks like a gentleman…”)
Speed of Sound – Coldplay
November Rain – Guns and Roses (I know, yikes on this one….)
Uprising – Muse
Paparazzi – Gaga (…I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me…)

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