Okay, so about Alice in Wonderland

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I know this is not a book review…but I couldn’t help it since its a movie based on a fiction piece, and Tim Burton’s style is pretty much copied from writer Edward Gorey…so all in all, it almost qualifies as a book review of sorts.

I have never been a fan of Alice in Wonderland for two reasons. One: It is an episodic story, leaving me yearning for some dramatic structure. Did Alice learn anything in the end? Did her character change in any way? Well, not really. But it was fun to watch her go through a series of events as she meet a cast of larger than life characters.
And the second reason why I have never been a fan of AIW: Where is the love story?
Here are a few suggestions: What if the Mad Hatter was a handsome crazy dude and Alice fell in love with him? And what if the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter had a lovechild from long ago, who later fell in love with Alice, all the while making attempts on his father/rival’s life…the Mad Hatter?
Plot. Where, oh, where is the plot?
At any rate, I loved watching Johnny Depp in the big screen with crazy hair and enormous emerald eyes. That alone, was worth the twelve bucks.

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