Real Life Magic

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No matter if you are agnostic, atheist, religious, spiritual or, like my friend likes to say…”culty,” there is no denying that there is a greater force at work in the Universe. Most times it gets you out of jams or intervenes right at the precise moment when everything seems to be going to hell.

I like to call it….Real Life Magic.

Years ago, I heard the story of a Cuban immigrant man who went on a “visit” to Canada but had no intentions of ever taking that return flight. He found himself a hotel room with his wife and three children.  They had enough money for the week until he found a job.

But how was he supposed to get a job with no papers? He was too scared to go to immigration for fear of deportation and all the complications that came along with that.

Frustrated, he sat on the hotel bed contemplating his next move. Out of answers, he opened the nightstand drawer and not a religious man by any means, pulled out the bible and paged through it, hoping he would find a sentence, a word, something that would guide him in the right direction.

You know what he found?

A social security card. I know, it almost sounds funny.  With that social security card, he was able to get a job that week, and a week later, he found work managing a building for exchange of room and board.

This is just a snapshot of an immigrant’s life I know all too well.  And that immigrant was my father.

A couple of weeks ago was the third anniversary of my father’s passing. I won’t say I miss him. I miss him terribly. My father was not a religious man, but he was a spiritual man.  He taught me a lot of things like reading books by the dozen and to always be courageous and follow my dreams…no matter what.

And I love looking back at my father’s life. There are so many amazing stories where Real Life Magic happened. The above was just a small sample of the incredible.

So with that I leave you to continue to believe in your dreams. Have courage to do the hard stuff. Want it bad enough. Take risks. Fail and fail and try again. Because in the end….there is Real Life Magic at work doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

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